Bahamas Casino Travel Guide

There is something about the Commonwealth of the Bahamas that draws visitors to it in their thousands. It began with Christopher Columbus in 1492 and since then the country become a tourist hot-spot for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Casinos in the Bahamas

Gaming on the Bahamas is done in a big way in fact if you are used to Vegas then you will feel right at home. The main casinos are found on Grand Bahama Island and Nassau & Paradise Island and they include:

•    Atlantis, Paradise Island which has become one of the main tourist attractions on the island nation. It was founded by South African businessman Sol Kerzner and received its first guests in 1998 after about four years of construction.
Today the resort boasts of an expansive casino with more than 80 gaming tables on which to play everything from Craps to Caribbean Stud Poker and Baccarat.
And who said that you have to stay in-doors to play? The Atlantis has two outdoor gaming areas: Cain at The Cove and Sea Glass which allow you to blend nature with winning.

•    Grand Lucayan, Bahamas is located on Grand Bahama Island and is home to the Treasure Bay Casino. It has 30 gaming tables and more than 350 slot machines. You are welcome to sample each and every one of them until you find your lucky one.

In case you need to take a break from the thrill of the games, you can step into Club Cove and treat yourself to some cabaret.

•    Memories Grand Bahama Beach & Casino Resort has more 30,000 square feet dedicated to nothing but gaming. This is the place to enjoy a good round of Roulette, Mini-Baccarat or Blackjack.

And if you prefer to sit in front of a slot machine then this casino has more than enough of them. Furthermore the casino never closes; you can play at any time of day and on any day of the week.

Choose the Bahamas

Why? Because it is one place that you cannot afford to go alone; the leading resorts have structured their facilities in such a way that everyone irrespective of their age and preferences will be kept well occupied.

Furthermore, you need not be intimidated by the grand and pricy hotels that feature prominently here. The fact is that there is ample accommodation to suite every type of pocket so start saving and take your dream holiday.

So Much to Do

Where do we start when the good people of the Bahamas have jam-packed their islands with lots of fun activities? All the same, there are certain things that you must do to optimize on your trip to this country:

•    For starters you must dig your feet into its white sandy beaches many of which are among the most beautiful in the world. Bearing in mind that the country is made up of more than 700 islands you are totally spoiled for choice when it comes to places to sun-bathe.

There are beaches that are filled with people and you can participate in various beach games as you make new friends. There are also those that are owned by hotels and depending on where you stay you could have hotel staff attending to you on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

•    Sample Bahamian cuisine that is heavily influenced by the ocean. You can find it at high end restaurants or at down-home eateries but be prepared for some spice. You should also try switcha which is lemonade done the Bahamian way.

•    The clear blue waters of the Atlantic beckon to everyone who dares to look their way. If you wish to answer to that call then there are several ways to do so. You could rent a powerboat, charter a yacht etc.; it all depends on you.

•    Finally, spare some time to take a cultural tour of the islands. You will get to see how authentic Bahamians live and you can also get some lovely souvenirs from their local markets.

Traveling to the Bahamas

There are only two ways to get here: by sea or by air. The country is served by two major airports, one in Nassau and the other in Freeport however there are smaller airports in other areas where chartered planes can land. If you arrive by cruise ship you will most likely be received at the Nassau Harbor; all the same many of the other islands are accessible using yachts.

Although the Bahamas has a long list of countries whose citizens can tour it visa-free, it is important to confirm with the relevant authorities if your country is one of them. Furthermore, you also need to be aware of any conditions that must be met before you are allowed into the country including vaccination certificates.

Getting Around

The easiest and cheapest way to travel especially when island-hoping is by boat. Nevertheless, when need arises you can uses a bus, plane, taxi or rental car to move around. But if you hail a cab or rent a vehicle then be prepared to pay unbelievable rates.

Aside from that, you should be aware that mail-boats are not always reliable thus you may have to make some impromptu changes to your itinerary. However, if your pockets allow it then charter a boat which should get you to the remotest islands.

Did You Know That…

•    Goombay, junkanoo and rake & scrape are the main music genres on the islands. But of course since you are close to the Caribbean you can also expect to hear some great reggae, calypso and soca.

•    One of the longest underwater limestone cave systems in the world is found in the Bahamas. It lies within the Lucayan National Park and covers more than six miles.

•    You do not need to worry if the hotel you are staying at doesn’t have a spa. Depending on its policy you can easily dial a certified massage therapist who will help you to relax without having to leave your room.

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