The Best Casino Tours in the World

The casino tour blends the best aspects of travel with the excitement of gaming. Several countries where gambling has been legalized have opened opulent massive casino and gambling resorts and have become gambling hubs in their own right. Today no matter where you preferred destination happens to be there is likely to be a gambling tour available that will take you through exotic locales and through where the gambling jet-set makes their reputation.

The Middle East

Some of the hottest news casino tours available are being conducted in northern Africa. Because the region is so rich in oil and people, who have a refined taste for the opulent you can visit some of the most luxuriant hotels and casinos in the world in a tight well-organized tour.  Much like Las Vegas these places are a gamblers oasis nestled in a harsh desert offering you ever creature comfort imaginable. The largest casino in the Middle East happens to be in Beirut and is called the Casino Du Liban and is located in the capital city and even though there are some considerations regarding the conflicts and politics in the area, it is very popular. Then there is Israel with four casino cruises, including the Royal Iris Cruise Casino, the Casino Flamingo, the Casino Lady D and the Casino Palace.

Las Vegas

This oasis is the city that made gambling in the US what it is today. A trip to Las Vegas is essential for anyone who considers themselves a gambler, and it is a city who knows its audience. One of the resort casinos you must visit include the Wynn Las Vegas, a massive hotel that was built to rival the other location on the strip and features a massive amount of gaming space. Next you need to visit Circus Circus, which is the perfect melding of a family friendly environment and a place that still has a touch of the older Vegas gambling sensibilities that men like Hunter S. Thompson wrote about. If you want a casino that seems to be touched by movie magic, then head to the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, and you can watch the dancing fountain that was the highlight of movies like Oceans 11.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is what you might call the more youthful and less crowded version of Las Vegas on the East Coast, and it’s a great choice for anyone who happens to be visiting New York and catches the gambling itch. It essential that your first stop on your tour be to the massive Resort Atlantic City that as the name implies is two casinos in one. For a more varied cultural experience, the Taj Mahal is a great option with some luxurious features and a fun sort of campy sensibility. You can also check out the Borgata Hotel Casino, a high concept casino built to emulate those found in Las Vegas, it was even built with the influence of Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn. If you are in the mood for a bit more of that Atlantic City sensibility, then you should try Caesars Atlantic City the place is dripping with East Coast opulence.


The European gambling tour can be pricey, but it is also one of the most engaging possibilities for the fans of the classic image of the upper-class gambler and refined gaming experience. The continent fairly begs you to some in play. One of the must visit destinations on this tour is the Casino Estoril. This Casino is a Vegas style Casino located in Portugal that will give you access to both some of the classiest table games, including a wide variety of baccarat and to the beautify Portuguese Riviera. This stop will let you enjoy the largest casino in Europe and some quality time on the shore.

Another European is the Casino De Monte-Carlo a place with as much history and romance behind it as cash. This establishment is among the oldest casinos in the world, boasting prestige and a premium location on the Place du Casino. You can pay a visit to the enchanting Belle Époque palace which has been featured in so many films based on gambling and intrigue that I hesitate to name them for lack space. The Casino De Monte-Carlo features some of the best examples of traditional European décor of any casino on this list and is a must see for any fan of Old World beauty.

Next up is the popular Casino Baden-Baden in Germany. This casino is located smack in the middle of the notorious and enchanting German Black-Forest and has a 200-year-old reputation for catering to royalty and aristocrats. In the beginning it was a horse-racing, casino and spa facility for European nobility exclusively, until it was later opened to the public.

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