Top 10 Casinos in Asia

Who says you can’t do a gambling tour of a continent? Asia is home to the top ten bigger casinos in the world, handily beating out competitors in the likes of Australia or Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at the best ten casinos Asia has to offer.


Altira – Macau

Macau is a word you’ll be seeing a lot in this article. It’s a former Portuguese colony situated in Chinese territory and is considered to be the Monte Carlo of Asia. Macau relies entirely on revenue from gambling as its primary income, so it’ll be unsurprising to see multiple casinos from the area on this list, one of which being the Alitira.


Casino Lisboa – Macau

Casino Lisboa ranks up there with the most famous casinos in all of Macau. Since the 1970s, the casino has seen significant expansions and redevelopments, with crazy amounts of investments pumped into it. It’s a popular casino judging by how packed the gaming floors can get. The Casino Lisboa is very easy to find at night, due to the old school Vegas-style neon exterior being visible from miles away.


The Venetian – Macau

The Venetian is handily named, as this hotel and casino is entirely designed to emulate the architecture of the famous Italian city, complete with canals. This casino is mostly impressive for the spectacle of the environment created for you to gamble within, but you’ll probably find yourself marvelling at the design more than playing the games.


Galaxy Macau – Macau

This casino, and many more, reside in the Cotai area of Macau. Currently, the casinos on this strip are performing incredibly well compared to casinos in other districts. It’s believed within the next few decades the Cotai Strip will be as well known worldwide as the Las Vegas Strip with gamblers if it isn’t already.


Marina Sands – Singapore

The “sands” part of this casino’s name is a little bit of misdirection. It may be waterside, but you’ll struggle to find much in the way of actual sand here. Still, it’s well equipped with several swimming pools on-site, if you feel a bit of cramp in your hand after playing poker all night. Got to keep yourself loose and limber if you expect to win anything.


Resorts World Sentosa – Singapore

Serious gamblers beware, this casino is a tourist trap and probably not the best place to go if you want to avoid children. If you have a family you want to take, though, you will be well served by this casino’s waterpark and the closeness of theme parks like Universal Studios Singapore.


Paradise Casino Walker Hill – South Korea

Gambling in South Korea is very odd. While it is permitted in the country, South Korean citizens are only allowed to gamble at one casino, and this is not one of them. If you wanted to practice your Korean, you’re going to miss out here. Still, many foreign nationals flock to this casino while touring Asia, so you’ll hopefully get to meet some interesting people.


Kangwon Casino – South Korea

Here’s the casino mentioned earlier. As this is the only casino the South Korean government will allow natives to visit, you’re going to meet a lot of Korean people here. Most casinos have an international flavour to them, but brushing up on your Korean might be worthwhile for this one. How do you say “roulette tables” in Korean again?


Genting Highlands – Malaysia

This casino resort is pretty high altitude, so prepare yourself if you’re prone to altitude sickness. Failure to do so may cause your poker face to slip at very inopportune times. This casino is pretty relaxing, and a lot of that can be owed to the fresh air and climate. It rarely gets hot or cold and stays at a pretty comfortable level consistently around the year.


MGM Macau – Macau

Merging sleek modernity with old world style is the goal of the MGM Macau, and they’ve certainly achieved it. The rippling effect of the high-rise hotel overlooking the casino counterpoints the robust, Italian style architecture on the inside. The ceiling is a skylight, meaning unlike other casinos, the MGM Macau isn’t some dark, artificially-lit nightmare where you can’t tell day from night anymore.  


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