Top Tips For Your Trip To Macau

Macau has often been dubbed the Las Vegas of Asia. With its glitzy casinos, vibrant culture and Portuguese influences, this Chinese region is a little gem of authenticity and attractions and is a definite must-see. Here are some top tips for your trip to Macau…


Visit the Venetian Macau

You probably recognize the name as one of the best casinos and hotels in Las Vegas. The Venetian has since been taken across the pond to Macau and is now one of the largest casinos in the world. Unless you have the big bucks, you probably won’t be able to see their 3000 lavish suites, but you can check out their world-class casinos, shop along the mock-Venetian streets and even take a ride along the canals in an authentic Venetian Gondola. Bravo!


Make sure you take in some history

If you’re going to go all the way to Macau, you should definitely soak up some of their unusual histories. With a mix of Portuguese and Asian roots, the clash of cultures makes Macau an extraordinary place. Check out the Ruins of St.Paul’s, visit their museums and art galleries.


Pick up a free map

Macau can be a confusing place. With its roadways, tourist areas, and lesser known areas it is difficult to know where you’re going. All around the city, Macau’s government have provided free maps so that tourists can easily find their way around the city and pick out the spots they’d like to visit. So don’t waste your time getting lost…pick up a free map!


Eat the local food

Going on holiday is all about new experiences. The last thing you’d want to do is go to Asia and eat your normal burger and chips – so eat locally. With it’s Portuguese and Asian mix, the food in Macau is truly something special. Try what the traditional restaurants have to offer…and if you’re feeling really brave, why not try and find their four-story market, full of authentic Asian food.


View the city from above

Sometimes it’s difficult to see everything you want to see in a short space of time. If you want to see the whole of Macau but don’t have time to see it all…why not see it from above? If you walk up the steep steps to Mount Fortress, you can sit above the city and take in the spectacular skyline of the city, and further. It’s a steep climb but is definitely worth it.


Make use of their free shuttle buses

Casinos are one of the main attractions in Macau, so much so that there are free shuttle buses from the airport to all of the different casinos. Women dressed in their casino’s colors will provide you with direction to the bus, and will also hand out free coupons and information to make your trip as easy as possible…so it’s definitely worth it. Take a free ride to your casino hotel, or just take a free ride into the heart of the city, and walk from there.


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